CPIM Certified Members

We would like to congratulate the following CPIM members of the APICS Dayton Chapter. Certification data is supplied to the chapter by APICS on a monthly basis but based on the timing of the data upload, communications with the testing service and other factors, results may not be available on a timely basis.

If you have questions about your certification status, call APICS @ 800-444-2742.

This list does not include:


Name Certification Company  
Rajeshkumar Acharya CPIM, CIRM, and CSCP CSCP  
Tinnel Adkins CPIM Aida America  
Logan Arumugam CPIM Deceuninck North America  
David Baileys CPIM Raymath Company  
Rebecca Betts CPIM Not Listed  
Keith Bowers CPIM Not Listed  
Fred Broud CPIM Norcold Inc  
Yvonne Brumbaugh CPIM The Neff Company  
George Demeter CPIM Enginetics Aerospace  
Lee Dixon CPIM Contech Engineered Solutions  
Robert Eifert CPIM and CSCP Eurand America Inc  
Wanda Evans CPIM Eaton Corporation  
John Everson  CPIM Not Listed  
Jerry Fogt CPIM Evenflo Juvenile Furniture Co  
Marcie Griesmeyer CPIM Not Listed  
William Gwathney CPIM Not Listed  
Belinda Hannah CPIM Not Listed  
Daniel Hotz CPIM YSI Inc.  
Char Hull CPIM Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.  
Sandra Jenkins CPIM Not Listed  
David Keebaugh CPIM Not Listed  
Jack Kerr CPIM and CSCP Not Listed  
Kenneth Kessler CPIM Not Listed  
Mary Lacy CPIM Not Listed  
Lee Lampert CPIM Henny Penny Corporation  
Sandra Lee CPIM Chemineer Incorporated  
Anthony Lingo CPIM Esterline & Sons  
Susan Maheu-Fisher CPIM Holloway Sportswear  
Elias Moreno Jr CPIM LOGTEC  
David Morrow CPIM Not Listed  
Charles Raiford CPIM and CSCP Not Listed  
Katherine Robertson CPIM Not Listed  
Paul Schutte CPIM Not Listed  
James Sergent CPIM Not Listed  
Edward Shurts CPIM Dayco Products Inc  
Polly Smith CPIM Not Listed  
Jerry Strawser CPIM Norgren Inc  
Vincent Thoman CPIM U. S. Air Force  
Susan Thomas CPIM Not Listed  
Douglas Tinnel CPIM Silfex, Inc.  
David Wilson CPIM Not Listed  
Robert Adkins CPIM Aida America